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Welcome to Detox Delivered

Health and wellbeing is a gift. A gift that needs to be protected and
nurtured. A gift that you are worthy of...that you deserve to enjoy in

For us at Detox Delivered, health and wellbeing is both mental and physical.
The discipline and structure of daily habits created through following a
practice, being in control of a schedule, are as important for mental wellbeing
as the actual mental and physical benefits of consuming fresh, healthy
nutrition in a juice cleanse or detox program.

Our juice cleanse and detox programs provide you with an essential mix of
fresh & raw nutrients, vitamins and minerals. At the same time providing
your body with a much-needed break from the unavoidable consumption of modern
processed foods that can add a strain to your overall system as it tries to
break down and expel unwanted toxins.

How does a juice cleanse work with Detox Delivered

Go to our shop and select the length of cleanse that you would like to do. Each of our cleanses contains 4 juices, 1 smoothies and a soup per day. You can choose to add an additional soup or nut mylk to your cleanse in place of a juice.

Each day's juice menu is carefully planned to ensure that you don't consume too much sugar and have a broad range of healthy, raw fruits and vegetables. These include celery, beetroot, ginger, turmeric, cucumber, zucchini, kale & spinach to name a few. You can read all about the health benefits of these wonderful ingredients in our blog, Juicy Gossip.

Once you have selected your options you can tell us when you'd like it delivered. We produce our detox programs from fresh ingredients that are delivered to order. At the moment, we produce in our Sydney kitchen on a Friday and deliver fresh the same day ready for you to start your cleanse early the next morning.

All you have to do is be there to receive it ;o)

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Juice Programs


Our bespoke Juice Cleanse programs are designed for you to experience the feeling of being full of vitality and life-giving nutrients. Our standard 3 day cleanse program is designed to help you:

  • shift excess weight
  • increase energy levels
  • bring you better sleep
  • heighten mood and mental clarity
  • improve the appearance of your skin
  • kickstart a healthier regime post-cleanse

Longer cleanses can be organised directly. 

Included in every Cleanse: 

  • 6 portions per day including 4 or 5 x 500ml cold-pressed juices (including 1 avocado based smoothie) per day & 1 or 2 soups.
  • option to substitute 1 or 2 of your daily juices for a blended vegetable soup.
  • natural supplements, linseeds & psyllium husk
  • a selection of herbal teas
  • fresh lemon/s
  • Pre-detox and Post-detox guides
  • daily phone support as needed throughout your cleanse

Once you’ve ordered your cleanse, we’ll be in touch to discuss your health goals and any health concerns you may be experiencing, and to arrange a start date for your cleanse! 


All your juicy questions answered

What’s in the juice?

Nothing but the juice - a delicious combo of market-fresh, homegrown and organic vegetables and fruit. We’ve got our recipes down to a fine art, so each day you’ll be consuming a mix of carefully balanced juices, each one specifically designed to help your body detox and rejuvenate.

Is it really fresh?

Absolutely! We make all our juices, smoothies & nut mylks when we are ready to dispatch your cleanse for you to start.

Can’t the body detox itself?

Absolutely, it can – if given the chance. The problem is much of what we consume these days is overloaded with toxins and devoid of nutrients. We don’t give our bodies the chance to do what they were built to do.

A Juice Cleanse:

  • flushes out toxins
  • helps the body transition from an acidic state to an alkaline state
  • rapidly restores the nutrients that may be lacking
  • gives the digestive system a rest
  • hydrates the body
  • helps put the body’s natural defences back to an optimal level

Do you cater for allergies or intolerances?

We sure do. Detox Delivered’s juice cleanse programs are all personalised. Before we set to juicing, we: 

  • find out what your health goals are
  • go over any health concerns you may be experiencing, and
  • discuss any allergies or intolerances

I’m worried I won’t like the juices. Can I tell you about my total tastebud turnoffs?

Can’t stand beetroot? Not a fan of ginger? We are all ears. We’ll assure your menu doesn’t contain any ingredients that make you want to heave!

P.S. It would be a monumental shame if we did have to hold the beet – beetroot is so damn clever. BUT we shall not judge…

Why juice and not just eat the veggies and fruit?

Juices are very clever, as they allow you to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from the veg and fruit without causing stress on the digestive system. We want the organs that are usually working so hard to process solid foods to have a well-deserved break. So juice it is!

I’m quite frankly not convinced I’ll survive on just juice. Eek! Will I starve?

You will survive and you will thrive! You may be hungry on the first day or so, but honestly, many of our clients can’t even finish all 6 juices we give them every day. This is because they are packed full of around 6 servings of veg / fruit per juice.

Will I lose weight on the cleanse?

If you’ve been trying to shift those last few kilos, a juice cleanse may help – most clients do in fact lose weight during a cleanse. For females it’s around 0.5kg per day, whilst males tend to lose around 1kg per day, depending on their starting weight.

Will people think I’ve gone bonkers?

Ah, we hope not… but if you’re worried about how to respond to negativity or attempts at sabotaging your cleanse, talk to us, and we’ll coach you through that too.

Got other questions on your mind? We love to chat about all things juice! Say hi and ask away!


Where do we deliver?

We deliver fresh to your door throughout Sydney.

When will my juices arrive?

If you’ve booked a juice cleanse, we’ll be in touch to discuss your cleanse and to arrange a date for you to start, plus an estimated time that you'll receive your goodies. We usually deliver every 1 to 2 days to ensure freshness. 

For individual orders from the shop, allow approximately 3 to 5 business days.

Do you charge for delivery?

Our delivery charge is dependent on your location. For deliveries further afield and interstate, please send us a message to confirm price and availability.

Can I pick my order up?

We don't offer collection at the moment.

Collaboration Opportunities

Want to offer a cleanse to your clients?

Do you own or manage a gym or studio? Want to give your clients and members something different?

A juice cleanse is a great way for clients to kick start a challenge or prepare for an event. We can work together with you to design the experience for your clients in any group size or format. Just send us a message through the website and we'll be straight back to you with some possibilities. You can also call Jamie on 0410 816904 if you'd like to speak to someone instead. 

Want to do a cleanse with friends, family or a club/group?

If you're a sports or social group or just friends and family who would like to organise a group cleanse, please send us a message and we can organise something that works for you.

Have a special event and would like fresh juices, smoothies, Mylks or warm soups?

If you're looking to run an event outside or at your venue, we'd be happy to talk to you about supplying juices, smoothies, nut mylks and immune shots or even soup that you can warm. 

Drop us a message through the website and we can work together to come up with a plan or you can call us directly on 0410 816904.

Are you a Cafe looking for fresh juices?

We do supply some cafes and are very happy to talk about what you're looking for. Please send us a message through the website or call us on 0410 816904.

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