Proppr Bathroom Footstool - Clear Acrylic

Proppr Bathroom Footstool - Clear Acrylic

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The PROPPR is designed to help you simulate the squatting position – because when you PROP (squat) the puborectalis muscle relaxes and your colon straightens, allowing for a quick, easy and complete release every time. 

If you’re the discreet type, or perhaps you just love things that are sleek and simple, then the invisible PROPPR Acer is for you! Made out of clear acrylic, this PROPPR will literally blend, if not hide, into any bathroom.

Made in AUSTRALIA out of durable, anti-microbial acrylic, the PROPPR Acer is built to withstand full water submersion!

– 100% Waterproof Anti-microbial acrylic 
– Fully transparent clear acrylic; it’s pretty much invisible
– Easy to clean and hygienic
– Non-slip silicone gel dots
– 21.5cm-23.5cm (slanted) high
– 38cm long x 16cm wide
– Comes packaged with a PROPPR canvas drawstring bag

Please only use your PROPPR as a foot rest. Do not stand on it.